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HSN (Zu 2 / 2.1): 0600 TSN (Zu 3 / 2.2): 911
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HSN (Zu 2 / 2.1): 0588 TSN (Zu 3 / 2.2): ACV
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Signal lights

Every vehicle has signal lights, which serve the driver for control and give important information about the technical condition. Usually, there are lights in the dashboard that indicate the respective switching state, such as turn signal light or high beam. It is also common to speak of warning lights, because during the operating state the driver is warned of malfunctions of his vehicle. A signal must also be visible to other road users. For example, every vehicle has lights for parking lights, brake lights, indicator lights and reversing lights.

As you know, when you turn on the ignition, all the lamps light up in the visible area to check that they are working properly. For more information about, for example, parking light, turn signal light, brake light or reverse light, you can refer to the operation manual of your vehicle. It explains how you should react to the flickering of a particular indicator light. Basically, the color green of the lights stands for an indication such as turn signal light and yellow and red for a warning, malfunction or onboard error. For each vehicle manufacturer, the lamps may differ in detail. Other lights for control are regulated in §39a of the StVZO.