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Xenon D3R, D5S, D8S, DLS Bulb


The letter "D" makes it clear that we are talking abouta Xenon gas discharge lamp - The subsequent number stands for the respective design phase and the letters describe the particular glass bulb type. Bulbs of the "S" type are intended for headlights with a lens system, whereas the "R" type is used for headlights with a reflector system. Using a computer, the reflector is divided into individual segments, thus giving off its entire brightness downwards onto the street.

In principle, you should not replace these automotive bulbs yourself, because the high pressure always causes a risk of explosion, which can lead to serious injuries. In other fields (such as in cinema projection or in measurement technology), special safety measures, such as special training for the service staff or eye protection with special glasses, are required for this very reason.

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