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HSN (Zu 2 / 2.1): 0588 TSN (Zu 3 / 2.2): ACV
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Xenon D3S Fassung

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Xenon D3S Bulb


The abbreviation "D" as in "discharge"marks a D3S gas discharge lamp. The number "3" can be used to identify the particular variant of the respective design and the letter "S" indicates the glass bulb type. Bulbs of this type are used for D3S headlights with a lens system. A bulb of the D3S type actually simply constitutes a mercury-free variant of the D1- and D2-type bulbs and thus considerably contributes to environmental protection. It requires an operating voltage of 42 volts. In order to avoid mix-ups with bulbs, which require 85 volts to operate, different bulb fittings are used. In addition, a different current strength would be required, for which the ballast has not been designed.

We gladly recommend OSRAM D3S Xenarc ORIGINAL with their perfect design and OEM quality, for example. The D3S bulbs of the XENARC-type use a modern electric-arc technology, which offers an optimal light yield thanks to the electronically controlled gas discharge. In addition to this, the daylight-like color temperature ensures that your night rides are both very comfortable and safe.