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Halogen Lampen

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Halogen Bulbs & Lamps


The "Halogen"category is all about high-quality halogen lighting for your vehicle. We offer halogen bulbs for both 12V bike systems and 12V passenger car systems as well as for 24V truck systems, which both meet the highest technical requirements and are suitable for a variety of different vehicle kinds.

If you are not familiar with the correct bulb fitting when looking for a suitable halogen bulb - we will be glad to assist you. Just follow the link and find the right model using our handy vehicle light finder. For 12V bike systems, we stock H4 - H7 - H8 - H11 - HS1 or S2 bulb fittings in our online store. These bulb fittings conform to the prevailing standards and provide your bike with the ultimate Xenon effect, a stylish look, or a significantly better light yield. We carry halogen bulb fittings by renowned specialists such as Osram and Philips. Our white-blue Xenon bulbs each come with-road approval and can thus be easily used.

In our online store, you can also find suitable bulbs and bulb fittings for the 12V electrical system of your passenger car. Our product range includes H1 bulbs - H3 bulbs - H4 bulbs - H7 bulbs and H8 bulbs, for example. Also note: If you do not know your correct bulb fitting, simply follow the link in the menu to determine the correct bulb fitting given your specific car model.

In addition to the bulb fittings for bikes, cars, and trucks, you will also find signal lights for your parking light, your turn signal, your brake light, your rear light, and many other purposes here. We would be pleased to comprehensively support you in your search for the right lights.