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Xenon D4R Fassung

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Xenon D4R Bulb


If you recognize the "Xenon D4R" designation somewhere, then you are lookingat a gas discharge lamp, as the letter "D" stands for "discharge." The number "4" indicates the corresponding design version of the bulb, namely the fourth version in this case. The letter "R" tells you that this kind of glass bulb is used in Xenon bulbs for headlamps with a reflector system. These kinds of lamps do not feature diffusing screen and the illumination of the street is accounted for by the special design of the reflector. This also explains why closure lids made of clear glass or scratch-resistant plastic can be installed in these vehicles. The entire reflector can be subdivided into sub-segments by means of computer controls, which ensure that all of the light falls down onto the street, thus making for optimum illumination and safety.

Our store is able to offer you two excellent Xenon D4R bulbs. You can even click on the individual Xenon bulbs to get more information about the price, technical data, or their use and special features. Consider the PHILIPS Xenon D4R XenEco standard bulb, a suitable replacement bulb with 4100 K and daylight-like color temperature thanks to the latest lighting technology, for example. Due to its damaged original packaging, this Xenon bulb can be offered very cheaply. The lamp itself is fully functioning, of course, and corresponds to OEM quality. Xenon D4R bulb fittings are mainly used by TOYOTA and Lexus.