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Xenon D1S Fassung

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Xenon D1S Bulb


The Xenon D1S variant is often used for Xenon bulbs. The "D" stands for "discharge" and, of course, indicates that this bulb is a gas discharge lamp. The number "1" indicates the type designation of the plug connectionas well as the respective design version, and "S" stands for the respective glass bulb type. Type-S glass bulbs are meant for headlights with a lens system. In the case of Xenon D1S bulbs, the ignition unit has been integrated and requires an operating voltage of approximately 85 volts. This is one of the first Xenon bulbs that do not feature an outer glass bulb protecting the discharge tube. Replacing this bulb with a D3 bulb is impossible because the operating voltage would no longer be correct.

On our homepage you will find a large selection of Xenon D1S bulbs for your car. For example, we are able to offer you 85415 Xenstart by Philips and OSRAM’s 66140-66144 in OEM quality. It is extremely economical and inexpensive. Thanks to its state-of-the-art lighting technology, this bulb generates a daylight-like light that illuminates the street three times brighter than conventional halogen bulbs - thus offering you maximum driving safety. If you do not find this to besufficient, you might want to choose the Philips 85415XV X-treme Vision with 50% or the Osram Nightbreaker 66140XNB with 70% more light yield.