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Xenon D4S Fassung

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Xenon D4S Bulb


The "D" in Xenon D4S stands for "discharge" and thus denotes a gas discharge lamp. The number "4" indicates the respective design version. In this case, this is already the fourth version of thisparticular type. The letter "S" refers to the design of this Xenon glass bulb. S-type bulbs are suitable for spotlights with a lens system. Bulbs of the D4S-series are very environmentally friendly since they do without mercury -unlike their predecessors D1 and D2. D1 and D2 bulbs cannot be replaced by D3 or D4 bulbs, as the bulb fittings are different and they only require an operating voltage of 42 volts. D1 and D2 bulbs would thus haveto compensate for this low voltage (they themselves require 85 volts) by way of an increased current strength. However, this would cause the ballast to reach its limits because it has not been designed for such voltages.

In our online store, you can find the OSRAM Xenarc D4S 66440CBI - Cool Blue Intense bulb in a cool design, for example, which makes for clear contrasts and is unusually bright when lit. This Xenon bulb produces a bluish-white light - but not through a coating of the glass bulb, but by way of a new lighting technique. It could hardly be more effective: A color temperature of up to 5,000 Kelvin, a luminous flux of up to 3,400 lumen, and a light output of 89 lumens per watt. Xenon D4R bulb fittings are mainly used by TOYOTA, Lexus, and Mazda.